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Geir Moen  - alpine_garden.jpg

September 14, 2019

The Transsilvanian  Alps

Presented by Geir Moen from Oslo Norway.

Geir will present the highlights from may trips to the The Transsilvanian Alps Carpathians, Romania:Mt. Fagaras, Bucegi and Piatra Craiului are all fasinating mountains that never disappointed. The hills are covered with Rhododendron myrtifolium, the absolutely stunning Aquilegia transsilvanica and thousands of nodding flowers of Soldanella pusilla are some of the beauties in these mountains.

ancient art of stone.jpg

February 8th 2020

Building Rock Walls

Presented by Jo Hodgson. Guidelines and steps involved in building freestanding, mortar free rock walls with many examples for your rock garden or anywhere in your garden

Phil Reilly England 2019 Tour.png

19th October 2019

Gardens of South-East England

Presented by Phil Reilly, a tour of some of the most famous gardens in the south east England.

Mike Bone -

14th March 2020

Steppe plants for the Rock Garden **CANCELLED**

Due to COVID-19 this meeting was cancelled

Presented by Mike Bone Curator of Steppe Collections of the Denver Botanical Gardens.

Mike has been with the Denver Botanic gardens since 2002 focusing on plants of the steppe regions of the world.  Mike has traveled extensively. Mike has been working with the Plant Select® program of the DBG. As an author Mike has been a contributor for 6 books published through the Denver Botanic gardens.

Robet Glendinning - Plant

November 9th 2019

Propagation of Alpines & Annual General Meeting

Presented by Robert Glendinning who is the propagator at the Central Experimental Farm - Agriculture Canada.

This meeting will be followed by a brief Annual General Meeting to elect members of the executive, present a summary of finances.

Jenney Wainwright - primula_secundiflora

April 11th 2020

Schachen Alpine Gardens **CANCELLED**

Due to COVID-19 this meeting was cancelled

Presented by Jenny Wainwright-Klein.

Jenny has an extensive career in horticulture and is currently working as the supervisor of the alpine propagation unit and of the Alpine Garden on the Schachen of the Munich Botanic Garden (MBG), Germany.  Her presentation will focus on the Schachen Alpine Garden which is part of the MBG.

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