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Sat. Sept. 11, 2021   1:30pm

Chaos in the Rock Garden: 
Putting Theory Into Practice

This will be a zoom meeting.

The meeting link will be sent to members and will be on the members-only page  

This talk is about rock garden design and how it relates to natural landscapes and preferred plant habitats.


David Sellars is an award winning photographer and is a Past-President of the Alpine Garden Club of British Columbia. Together with his wife, Wendy, he is developing an extensive alpine and woodland garden in coastal British Columbia. The garden received the Millstream Garden Award for Rock and Alpine Garden in 2012 and was featured in the Fall 2013 issue of the Rock Garden Quarterly.

David is a keen mountain hiker and maintains the website His particular interests are rock garden design and construction, alpine plant photography and using video to illustrate mountain landscapes and alpine plant habitats. His YouTube Channel features wildflower hikes and some garden videos:

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PatagoniaPix- Small.png

Sat. Feb. 12th 2022  1:30 PM

Elizabeth Zander: Patagonia- Road Tales

This will be a zoom meeting.

The meeting link will be sent to members and will be on the members-only page

For more information & to request zoom link, email

Elizabeth Zander is the past president for the North American Rock Garden Society. ​

In a nutshell:

As luck would have it, I was invited last minute to go botanizing with a specialist horticulture group from all over the world. Our resident botanist, Marcela Ferreyra, knew just where to find the plants. And did we ever find the cream of the crop, from Petunia patagonica to Ranunculus semiverticillatus to Calceolaria uniflora, with lots in between. Let's not forget the rosulate violas. This talk will focus on the environment where we found the plants

Growing Plants

Sat. Oct. 16, 2021  1:30 PM

Marilyn Light - Experiences with Seed Sowing 

This will be a zoom meeting.

The meeting link will be sent to members and will be on the members-only page

Plantswoman extraordinaire, and long time OVRGHS member, Marilyn Light will be giving a presentation on her experimentation with starting seeds, including winter sowing.  This past winter she was more particular about recording her conditions with many different seed species obtained from OVRGHS, NARGS (North American Rock Garden Society) and the Ontario Rock Garden & Hardy Plant Society.  She was also able to obtain some interesting species including palm, conifer, tree/shrubs, as well as a number of different Apiaceae genera with which she is doing research for another project.  She's also working with species such as Allium, Aquilegia, Campanula, Erodium, Geranium, Dianthus, Silene, etc that do not require soaking so these were sown according to when she judged to be the best time.  She has been measuring the germinability under her conditions of the more than 125 species she's growing.  A good talk leading up to the OVRGHS seed exchange coming in Jan 2022.

For more information & to request zoom link, email

Alison's presentation.png

Sat. March 12th 2022  1:30 PM

Alison Place: Rock gardens and gardens in Germany


Anza Borrego Dessert.png

Sat. Nov. 11, 2021  1:30 PM

Anna Leggatt - The Floral Beauties of the Anza Borrego Desert 

This will be a zoom meeting.

The meeting link will be sent to members and will be on the members-only page

For more information & to request zoom link, email

Anna Leggatt is former high school teacher for Botany, Chemistry

She worked for 30 years at the Kortright Centre for Conservation.  Anna was Past Chair of the Ontario Rock Garden Society and former editor of its Journal as well as being on the board of NARGS, Program Director for East York Garden Club, 

Toronto Master Gardener.

Anna has written articles for Toronto Life Gardening, Landscape Ontario and The Globe and Mail, Plant Portraits in Trellis (the Toronto Botanical Garden’s publication) and others in The Journal of the Ontario Rock Garden Society, NARGS, the Dutch Rock Garden Society and other non-profit organizations.

She won the NARGS Marvin Black Award in 2017, a Silver Award from GARDENCOMM in 2016 + prizes for photography.



Sat. April 9th 2022 


Elaine Rude :   Building Resilient Gardens

As our climate changes, the occurrence of serious weather events is becoming more frequent.  Consequently, our gardens need to become more resilient and adaptable.  

In this talk we will look at:

creating resilient plant communities with layered plantings

  • increasing plant diversity

  • working with soil

  • using and storing water onsite

  • attracting beneficial insects to help create a balanced landscape

  • how to increase resiliency in an established garden

Elaine Rude is an avid and obsessed gardener with an interest in all things horticultural.  She came to horticulture a bit late in life but having spent summers in her Grandmother's incredible garden an interest in gardening was inevitable.  By day she oversees 4 acres of natural woodland, meadow, vegetable and ornamental borders, with the intent of enhancing and creating habitat for birds, butterflies, numerous pollinators and yes, even the annoying pesky ones.  A focus on creating resilient gardens that can respond to the vagaries of climate her  motto is ‘tough love creates tough plants.’  Elaine wears many hats: Master Gardener, instructor, garden designer and author.  Her work has been published in numerous periodicals including the Gardener and Fine Gardening.

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