Seed Exchange


Please use the seed request form to request seed.  Send the request form to

Seed Request Form (.pdf, .docx)

Suplus Seed: 

We will still go ahead with the seed exchange this year but it will be conducted very differently, so hopefully if you haven't already, you will start saving some seeds from your plants.  We will NOT have our usual January get-together to divide up the seeds.  Instead we propose the donors package their own seeds.  There could be delays with mailing, but we propose the following timetable

Forms: (follow the link and click on the download icon at top right )

Dates for Seed Requesters:

  1. Nov 10th: Dorothy will notify everyone when the compiled seed list is available on this page for selections

  2. Request Deadline Nov 19th: Members email their Seed Request Form to .

  3. Nov 30th: Seed packets requested will be either mailed to requesters, or can be picked up


Dates for Seed Donors:

  1. Oct 24-31: Email to  your seed donation form listing your donated seeds (YOU KEEP THE SEEDS WITH YOU)

  2. Nov 4th: Dorothy will send donors a donation kit so donors can package up the divided seed.  The donation kit includes:

    1. A self stamped return mailing envelope

    2. small glassine envelopes.  The donor will refer to the updated compiled seed list which has the number of glassines of each type that has been requested

    3. Blank labels - Note, you need to find the seed numbers that were assigned for each of the seeds you donated.  The seed number is the first column of the spreadsheet in Member Donated seeds​ (2020) document.  Please write the number on the label prior to affixing it to the glassine. If you can write the name of the seed that would be good too but the seed number will allow the seed requestors to find the seed on the Member Donated seeds​ (2020) list.  

  3. Nov 26th: Return the filled seed packets back to Dorothy with a tally of seed packets, by self drop off at her home mailbox, pick up, or mailed by Nov 26th.    


If you have more seeds and requests than you feel you can handle, we will get some volunteers to help you divide your seeds for you.  The seeds you need help with will either be mailed to Dorothy or we can arrange drop off or pick up.

We ask this year not to include any seeds that need special care like wet packing