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Seed Exchange

Please submit your seeds with a completed seed list form (spreadsheet format, pdf format) by the November meeting,
Procedure: dry, clean and label the seeds, put in a paper envelope, submit with a detailed list.

Important Seedex Dates:

  • November 11 – seeds+lists submitted by November 11 will be included on the seed list published on Decmber 1st.  Seeds submitted after this date will be published later.

  • December 1 – a complete list of donations will be e-mailed to everyone

  • Before December 15 – submit your request for seeds. The request form will be on the website.

  • January 13 (tentative)– Seed Sorting Day - Join us to sort the seeds into small packets. Seeds will be distributed that day or soon after.


Payment : $10 for all your chosen seeds. Pay by E-Transfer, cash, cheques, or on delivery.
Payment for your seed order will be $10. You can pay by cash, cheque or eTransfer to
treasure@ottawarockgarden, indicating the reason for the payment.

Please contact Dorothy Tol with your questions or call 613-820-0856.
N.B. If you plan to sort and divide your own seeds at home, glassines and labels can be provided
if you submit your list of donations early to give time for the labels to be made.




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