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Seed Exchange

We will still go ahead with the seed exchange this year but it will be conducted again this year by mail, so hopefully if you haven't already, you will start saving some seeds from your plants.  We will likely NOT have our usual January get-together to divide up the seeds.  Instead we ask that donors divide and package the seeds they intend to donate.  

We ask this year not to include any seeds that need special care like wet packing.



Download Seed donors form to fill      : Spreadsheet formatPDF Format

Download Seed requestors form to fill: Word format, PDF Format 



There could be delays with mailing, but we propose the following timetable:

Dates for Seed Donors:

Oct 15-31 - Submit your form listing your seeds to be donated.  YOU KEEP THE SEEDS WITH YOU.     Clean your seeds to be ready for dividing into individual glassine envelopes later in November.  Donors will divide and package your own seeds. 


Nov 1 - Dorothy will compile all the donations and post the list of numbered seeds on the webpage.  Members will be notified the list is available.  


Nov 5   Dorothy will print the labels and provide the appropriate number of glassine envelopes for your seeds packets.   


For out-of-town donors, a template page of labels will be emailed that you print out, cut and tape to the glassine envelopes. 


Nov 21 –For out of town donors, please mail in your seed packages by Nov 21.


Nov 23 – Dorothy will collect the glassine envelopes of seeds from donors.

If you have more seeds and requests than you feel you can handle, we will get some volunteers to help you divide your seeds for you.  The seeds you need help with will either be mailed to Dorothy or we can arrange drop off or pick up.

Donor form link goes here

Dates for Seed Requesters:

Nov 1 - Dorothy will notify everyone when the compiled seed list is available.


Nov 23 - selections to be  submitted by Nov 23.  The webpage Request Form will be posted as .pdf and .doc format


December 1  - Seed Requests will be delivered or mailed.  The payment process of the $5 fee is explained on the Request form.

Please use the seed request form to order seed.  Send the request form to


Dorothy Tol    613-820-0856




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