Seed Exchange

Check your email for copies of the Seed Exchange Donor and Request Forms or take a look at the Seed Sorting PDF and download the Donor Form, Seed List, and Request Forms using the links below:


OVRGHS Seed Exchange Deadline Dates:

November Meeting: Send in your Seed Donor Form.  Download Donor Form PDF (Excel)

27 November : Send your Seeds.

01 December : View the donated Seed List: Seed List PDFONRG Germination Guide

15 December : Send in your Seed Request Form. Download Seed Request Form PDF (Word)

January Meeting: Seed Sorting and Social.

North American Rock Garden Society (NARGS) and Scottish Rock Garden Society (SRGC) surplus seeds are here !!!  Pleas look at the list and order the ones you want from Rob Stuart who is keeping them for members.  The seed list is HERE

Seeds are in order by vendor - AGS, SRGC and NARGS plus Surplus - there are almost 200 seeds alphabetically, and discovered some duplicates (tinted blue/green), while most seeds are single envelopes.  You are invited to submit your list of seed # to Rob Stuart at  At the regular price of 50¢ each, it's a steal. We hope for a small return on investment, and we'll collect next time we meet.

To give equal opportunity of filling seed requests, groups of 10 seeds at a time will be filled by Rob, then the next member would have their top 10 seeds selected. Once the first group of interested members is done, the filling of requests can start over again.    Your top preferences should be listed first on your list.   As usual, the seed growers have priority for filling requests. 

Comments have been included on the column header row of the E= Ephemeral,   Ht=height in cm,   C= cool/warm codes,   L/D =light/dark requirement,  W/C for wash or soak,    Zones: includes a few in 6 thru 11, tinted in orange,     W=width,    Other: if scree, gravel, snow requirements, etc,    #:sequence,   From:  is AGS, SRGC, or NARGS  and C: Germination codes 1,2,3,4 which are colour-coded:  Blue=cool = #1, and  Red=warm=#3 as shown at the bottom.  The codes 2 and 4 and also shown at the bottom.

Plan A was to sell/distribute them at a meeting, but email lists will reduce the number of people handling the packets.  Protective gloves will be used and seeds can be picked up from a home mailbox or mailed.   Your email request will include your seed numbers, phone number, address if requested by mail.  If pickup from Rob, the date of pickup can be confirmed.

This is a first time for this type of order-filling for us, so there may be occasion for discussion of alternate seeds, for example if you request 15 seeds and only 10 are available, what alternates would you choose.