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2023 Friends of the Farm Plant Sale​

Hi All OVRGHS members

On 14 May 8am till 1pm we will be participating in the friends of the farm sale.

Location of the sale: Parking lot beside K.W. Neatby Bldg at  Carling & Maple Drive 


Details to be finalized

Drop off locations for plants:

For those who have plants to donate, but are not going to the sale themselves, you can drop off plants ahead of time to the following two members locations:  Home of Linda Nishikawa or Ann Williams.  See the last email from for Linda and Ann's addresses and contact information for plant drop off.

List of plants we will be selling (will be updated as drop offs are made): OVRGHS plant list for sale


For those members wonder if they should go to the sale, or who have never been, here are a few tips:


It is advisable  bring cash, small cash, loonies, toonies , $5. and $10 bills,  not $50. $100, or even $20. Bills, many booths may not have a square or internet access, so as to accept credit. And they run out of small pettycash fast with customers coming with large bills from banking machines.


There is a wide arrange of vendors, from various clubs/societies like us , to in and out of town vendors.


Dress according to the weather, as this is an outdoor event.


Bring a tote or something to carry plant in/on, as you may need to park a little farther away.


For those members who have friends also looking to buy plants, spread the word.

Attached is a spreadsheet with some examples of what we will have at our booth.

This is just a small sample, as many of our donators are still preparing plants, and have not

been able to summarize a list. A special with be Hugh Hope very rare yellow Clivia, at a very

special price, see picture also attached.


I am so looking forward to seeing our members again at this event.

Judy Wall

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