2022 Members Plant Sale​

The same as last year, we will be offering a per-plant 50% reimbursement up to a maximum of $75 across all plants purchased per member from these vendors:

  • Wrightman Alpines (the group order has been placed so no further purchases will be reimbursed)

  • Judy Wall - Judy has a small number of Rock Garden plants available for sale this year so you have to move fast if you would like to purchase any.  Judy's list is here (large 150 MB file)

  • Beaux Arbres - Trish Murphy has a number of unusual native perennials that are rare to find at most nurseries. Trish's plant list of rock garden suitable plants is here.  Her full list of plants is not yet available but last year's list is here.  If you can you should try to visit her nursery which is located close to Shawville in Quebec as her nursery gardens are always a pleasure.  Trish's web page for more info is here.

  • Majella Larochelle - Majella runs a small Alpine plant nursery from of his home in Gatineau.  Majella's list of plants can be found here, but he often has many other plants at his nursery which are not listed.  You can reach him at 819-962-4472 to arrange a time to visit his nursery (36 A Rue Renaud, Gatineau, QC J8T 3A4)

Rob Stuart (Co-president) is also donating sales from his surplus plants which are not included in the 50% reimbursement.  Rob's list is here. (email robert.stuart@bell.net)

Purchasing / Reimbursement instructions

  • Self-pickup: in order to be reimbursed, please send a receipt showing your purchase broken down by individual plant to specialevents@ottawarockgarden.ca. Please submit your receipt no later than May 30th.

  • Group order: since Judy Wall and Beaux Arbres are located a distance from Ottawa we are arranging for a group drop off in town only for these 2 vendors. Please send an email to specialevents@ottawarockgarden.ca listing the plants you would like to purchase no later then April 31st.  A pickup date in town will be arranged subsequently​

    • Payment for your part of the group order is by cheque or by e-transfer