Dwarf Conifers

September 15th 2018

A look at truly Dwarf conifers useful to Rock Gardening and Troughs by Cindy Cluett who is the owner of Beyond the House nursery and floral design centre


Highlights from NARGS 2018 AGM in Newfoundland

February 9th 2019

Presented by OVRGHS president Jeff Hurtig


Alpines of Argentina and Italy

June 1st, 2019

Presented by Marcela Ferreyra of Bariloche Argentina. Marcela has recently retired from teaching botany at the university in Bariloche and has led numerous Botanical Tours in Argentina and Chile for notables such as Martin Sheader. She presented at the NARGS conference in Steamboat Springs. Marcela is an excellent and knowledgeable presenter. 


Rock Gardening at the Montréal Botanical Gardens

13th October 2018

Presented by Rène Giguere, the curator for the Montreal botanical gardens


Alpines of  Central Asia

9th March 2019

Presented by John Mitchell Supervisor Alpine Gardens @

Royal Edinburgh Botanical Gardens. His travels while plant collecting through Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Krgyzstan and Uzbekistan



The Art of Rock Gardening

November 10th 2018

Presented by Rob Stuart, OVRGHS member with decades of experience and master gardener . A history of rock gardens, plant explorers, and the various types of rock gardens and plants hardy in Ottawa. Click here to see Rob's Presentation


Flora of the Dolomites

April 13th 2019

Presented by Terry Humphries from the NARGS Adirondack Chapter. Terry takes us through the highlights of a week long tour of the alpine plants in the Fassa Valley in the Dolomites